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Insulation is one of the most important elements for your family’s comfort and health, and also allows you to save on heating and cooling costs. Isolation Isomax has developed best practices in the market to guarantee great quality insulation work, at good price. A well-insulated house is a happy house!

Product evolution

Research and development has allowed for tremendous progress in the field of energy efficiency. More than ever, we can now offer you thermal materials on the cutting edge of the latest technological advancements, ensuring comfort, energy savings and quality of life.

Foundation walls

Since residence’s basement is part of the living space, insulation has become a key factor. Indeed, the nature of building materials (walls and concrete slab) is conducive to convection and condensation that promote the creation and spread of moisture, or even water infiltration. That is why drainage and sealing are so important for your comfort and to protect your investment.

Framing walls

In many cases, cellulose fiber is the perfect product to fill the gaps between the studs. The new HD 360 insulation method increases the thermal resistance of the framing walls.

Ceilings and attic

Many problems often come from poor insulation and inadequate ventilation in ceilings and attics. The use of cellulose fiber as insulation increases energy efficiency while allowing maximum ventilation.

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