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Our insulating materials

Our insulating materials

Sprayed polyurethane foam is the ideal solution to ensure optimum insulation of new or existing buildings. This product has a very high R rating and is an excellent air barrier. Sprayed polyurethane foam meets the highest vapor barrier requirements of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The main feature of this foam is its ability to infiltrate all cavities in floors and walls. Compared to other products, sprayed polyurethane foam occupies a smaller volume while providing superior performance.

AIRMETIC SOYA,a high quality product


A result of the latest research, this product is made from recycled materials (plastic bottles, reclaimed natural oils and water). This product outperforms conventional and equivalent insulating materials on the market. Isolation Isomax uses Airmetic Soya produced by the Quebec firm Demilec for its properties, which minimize air and water vapor movement, as well as energy consumption. A single application of Airmetic Soya offers protection equivalent to insulation, an air barrier and a vapor barrier. To learn more about this product’s properties or application methods, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Better known as blown wool, cellulose is the ideal solution for thermal and acoustic insulation. Cellulose significantly reduces air infiltration risks, is fire resistant, and contains no ammonium sulfate, making it a safe material for your health. It also provides optimum protection against condensation, freezing and humidity, at very competitive cost.

IGLOO cellulose insulation: a smart choice

IGLOO cellulose insulation

There are several reasons why Igloo cellulose insulation is recognized as a smart choice. First, it is environmentally friendly and poses no health risk. Treated to minimize dust when applied, Igloo cellulose insulation has a uniform density, is quick, easy and inexpensive to apply, is clean and dust-free, and significantly improves energy performance, sealing and acoustic performance..

R value

The R value is the unit of measurement of insulating materials’ thermal resistance. The higher the R value, the more the material is efficient in terms of energy efficiency, which results in greater energy savings for both heating and air conditioning.

Here are the R values of some insulating materials:

The minimum R value is determined in the 1995 Building Code, by region. Visit SCHL web site for more information about the R value of different insulation materials.

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